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Discussion in 'KingKits' started by A248, Sep 26, 2016.

  1. A248

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    Hello, I believe KingKits may be causing some errors regarding the scoreboard on my server. I'll place this in 'help' because it does not fit into any other category.

    After accidentally clicking one of the update notes on spigot, I once saw "fixed a bug with scoreboards." Because it was only accidental, I paid no further attention.

    Previously, I had been trying various scoreboard plugins, but none of them, including the vanilla /scoreboard command, worked. The vanilla command simply gave an output "Could not add <PLAYER> to scoreboard." The other scoreboard plugins printed large messages of errors to the server console.

    Since both the Spigot and Bukkit websites are blocked by my internet (long story), I came here to ask my question – in which update was the scoreboard bug fixed? I believe it has not been fixed for my version, v5.1.3. (Due to my server being 1.8, I think the unbreakable items feature of kingkits wasn't working in v5.2.8. It appeared to work in v5.1.3)
    I am trying to set up a scoreboard simply displaying money and kills but to no avail. Any response is helpful. Thanks.
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    Uhm, as far as I know, any version of KingKits equal to and above v5.0.0 does not have a scoreboard at all.
  3. A248

    A248 New Member

    Thank you! A different plugin must be bugging my scoreboard then.
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